Friday, 19 August 2016

Inatur Herbals Charcoal Face scrub :- Review

Hello everyone!
How are you all??
Today i am back with another review and this time it's about a really different product !
It's a charcoal scrub.
I was really very excited to try it out .
I used it every alternate day on my face regularly for 3 weeks and i thought of reviewing it and sharing my experience with the product !


Inatur herbals is a brand that makes Natural and Herbal skin , hair and body care products. All their products are 100% vegan ,
Sulphate and paraben free
are not tested on animals
and are safe to use on your delicate skin .

This scrub comes in a tub form and is priced at rupees 380 for 150 gms of the product .
Shelf Life - 30 months

It's a purifying and deep cleansing scrub .

Key Ingredients
Charcoal Powder - Deeply cleanses and Purifies
Basil Extract -Controls Sebum
Lemon oil - Clears and Disinfects skin
Neem Extract - Anti Bacterial

Other ingredients
Aqua,Almond powder,cetyl alcohol, Cocoa butter, Oat Amino Acids, Iso Propyl, Myristate, Mineral Oil, Stearic Acid, Glycerin , Vitamin E,  Acetate , Cyclomethicone, Fragrance, Phenoxy Ethanol , DMDM,  Hydantoin , AMP

This product is
PH balanced
Sulphate free
Paraben Free

Suitable for Oily , Combination and Normal skin .

What the product says -
Inatur Charcoal Face Scrub is a cream based , helps to gently slough away dead skin cells and leaving behind a glowing nutured complexion .
It can be used daily .

My Experience
I used the product on every alternate day for 3 weeks .
It's a black colored scrub with a creamy base. You do not need a lot of the product as it's creamy formula makes it too easy to cover your face with a really less amount of the product . It has a really nice and pleasant fragrance.

It has got little uneven textured bead like things that make it super easy to scrub . I scrub it really gently onto my face for at least 2 minutes in circular motion . 
Right after the first use , i was able to make out the difference in my skin .
I got rid of those irritating black and white heads. My skin became soft and smooth and became much more supple and clean.
Every time i use it i just love the results!
As it contains basil extract it helps in keeping away the oil and controls the sebum . Neem extract makes sure that your skin stays away from bacterial and other skin infections , And charcoal deeply cleanses and detoxifies your skin making it soft , supple , smooth and naturally glowing . I am very much satisified with the product .
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A big thumbs up to this product.
My rating - 4.8/5

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The product was a PR Sample but the review is 100% genuine and it's not a sponsored post !